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 Upgraded Weapon Name/ What it does

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PostSubject: Upgraded Weapon Name/ What it does   Upgraded Weapon Name/ What it does I_icon_minitime8/25/2009, 9:31 pm

Every gun put into the PAP Name, Name after upgrade, and effect

.357 Magnum ".357 Plus 1 Kil-u" Increased Damage

M1 Garand W/launcher "The Imploder" M1 Garand: 4 extra rounds in magazine (12 total), more held ammo

Grenade Launcher: 3 grenade magazine, 37 held

BAR "The Widow Maker" Extra 10 Held ammo, extra 10 rounds per magazine, increased ROF

Browning M1919 "B115 Accelerator" Shoots faster and 250 extra carried ammo

Double Barreled Shotgun "24 Bore Long Range" Increased range

FG42 "420 Impeller" 208 (400 total) extra carried ammo, increased Magazine size

Gewehr 43 "G115 Compressor" Increased ammo and damage

Kar98k "Armageddon" Increased magazine size and damage

M1 Garand "M1000" Increased ammo

M1 Thompson "Gibs-o-matic" Increased ammo, magazine size and damage

M1911 "C-3000 B1AT CH35" Becomes a grenade launcher. 6 rounds per
magazine. Similar to the Holy pistol

M1A1 Carbine "Widdershins RC-1" Becomes fully automatic

MG42 "Barracuda FU-A11" Extra 250 Held ammo and shoots faster

MP40 "The Afterburner" Extra 32 rounds (64 total) per magazine

PPSh-41 "The Reaper" Increased Magazine size (115 ammo magazine) and
345 extra (700 total) carried ammo

Ray Gun "Porter's X2 Ray Gun" Magazine size is doubled and the "splash"
damage is reduced. Fires a red beam instead of green

M2 Flamethrower "FIW Nitrogen Cooled" Allows quicker movement,
increases damage, cools down faster and uses less heat initially

Wunderwaffe DG-2 "Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ" Doubles Mag Size and Stored
ammunition, spread increases to a maximum of 20 zombies, no longer
direct hit on zombie CAN kill you

Trench Gun "Gut Shot" 10 shells in Magazine, reload 2 shells at a time, tighter spread of pellets

Panzerschreck "Longinus" Extra carried ammo, holds 3 rockets at a time, fires semi auto-matically

PTRS-41 "The Penetrator" 8 rounds per magazine more penetration, slightly more range in scope

Type 100 "1001 Samurais" Increased Rate of Fire, Magazine size and ammo

STG-44 "Spatz-447" 30 more rounds (60 total) in Magazine, 120 (300 total)
extra carried ammo, increased damage

When God gives you lemons, YOU FIND A NEW GOD!!!!!
Upgraded Weapon Name/ What it does Ibnsigp
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Upgraded Weapon Name/ What it does
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