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 Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items

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Warnings :
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PostSubject: Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items   Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items I_icon_minitime9/7/2009, 10:05 pm

Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items Pg6

This only works if you have the sharks with lasers update or up!
Enable anything you want to be on the next island that doesn't have the item (ant hill, meteor, egg, ext.).
open the map menu and quickly go to the ocean and then quickly click the island you weren't on before. You will find that the things from the other island are now on the one your on now.

Note you can't interact with any of the items that you brought, but if you crack the egg and bring the dinosaur and bring it to island 1 then the dinosaur will eat the pygmies.

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Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items Ibnsigp
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Pocket God Glitch: outlandish items
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