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 Help support my suggestion!/ Forumtoion Toolbar

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PostSubject: Help support my suggestion!/ Forumtoion Toolbar   9/1/2009, 11:38 pm

Below is one of the things I want added to forumotion. Click the link below this WHOLE post, Register on the site and vote yes on the poll if you would want it too!

Quote from what I sent...

Quote :
Myspace has it
Facebook has it....
Forumotion should have it

What im talking about is this little toolbar on the bottom of the page...I made a image to clear it up a bit...


Now I don't want it Exactly like this but something like it. What I would like added to it would be...
1.Forumotion Instant Messenger(FIM?)
2.Quick Links

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Help support my suggestion!/ Forumtoion Toolbar
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